Falsification in the manner of JEAN PUY (1876-1960)

painted by TOM KEATING (1917-1984) - a famous forger from England

as tribute to Geraldine Norman


Keating planted 'time-bombs' in his products. He left clues of the paintings' true nature for fellow art restorers or conservators to find. For example, he might write text onto the canvas with lead white before he began the painting, knowing that x-rays would later reveal the text. He deliberately added flaws or anachronisms, or used materials peculiar to the twentieth century.

You will also find further information and stories from the exciting life of Tom Keating in the museum.









Falsification in the manner of a medieval mural painting

by the german Forger LOTHAR MALSKAT (1913-1988)



Lothar Malskat was a restorer who was commissioned to work on deteriorating Medieval frescoes in two European cathedrals. Instead of restoring the existing works, he found it easier to simply whitewash over the existing paintings and repaint completely new works on the walls.


















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